From Shed Concerts to Festivals, Bush Dances, Weddings and Parties, the Inland Navigators will have your event pumping with good time music for all ages!  

Here is a taste of the band in action at a variety of gigs. Click on the title and enjoy! 

Wagon Wheel
A fundraiser for Rural Aid

Lachlan Tigers
A traditional ballad – about shearing of course!

Raising dust at Mardi Gras
Swing y’partners!

Falsom Prison,
Circular Quay 

Some lively tunes,
Promoting 2020 Womens Cricket World Cup

Dungog Folk Festival
Recording Man on the Land with Macca on 702 

Interview with Macca
Dungog Folk Festival

Waltzing Matilda
An all time favourite

We are Australian
Fred’s Shed rehearsal

Rain Tumbles Down in July
Classic Slim Dusty