The ‘Navs’ blend all the traditional favourite music about shearers, stockmen and convicts with the best Celtic, European and American tunes to create a woolshed atmosphere in your venue of choice.

The traditional dual lead instruments fiddle and concertina are supported by bass, guitar, banjo and mandolin. Lead singer,Eric Pellinkhof is a lagerphone legend and has perfected a contemporary version, fashioned from aluminium in the shape of Australia! 

The Band’s line up can be 4, 5 or 6 piece and quotes are inclusive of all PA requirements as well as some lights.  

Travel may attract an extra fee for over 1.5hours from Sydney.

The Line Up   

Eric Pellinkhof
Lagerphone/Bones/Guitar/Lead Vocals & Dance Caller

Tony Moffatt
Bass & Acoustic Guitar, Banjo/Vocals & Harmonies

Barbara Webb
Fiddle/Mandolin/ Harmonies

Greg Wilson
Concertina/Accordion/ Harmonica/Whistles/ Harmonies

Steve Errey
Bass & Acoustic Guitar/ Vocals & Harmonies

Dave Egan

On The Verandah…  

 Let’s Get Serious