...the best collection of Australian folk music I have heard in a dog’s age.
— R. J. Hibberd - Eureka Council Site

Typical gigs

Birthdays Weddings and Engagements 

Family celebrations bring together friends and families of all ages and backgrounds. A Bush Dance is the perfect way to enjoy live music, dances that are inclusive of all ages and abilities and  a guarantee that everyone has a ton of fun! 

National Celebrations

Australia Day and Anzac Day gigs have been up there among the Band’s highlights! From Sydney’s 1988 Bi-centenary celebrations to the many community and club concerts performed each year. 


The Inland Navigators are always a popular choice for schools, community groups and charities. Once again these events often engage folk of all ages -an Aussie Bush Dance or Concert is a no-brainer!


The band can accompany professional exhibition dancers, teach basic bush dances or tailor sets for a concert


A themed event is the best way to bring staff, clients and international guests together for an evening of song, dance and light-hearted Aussie humour